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Delight a Child with The Gift of Reading This Christmas

Updated: Dec 14, 2018

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Imagine the delight on a vulnerable child’s face when they receive a package addressed to them in the post. What could be inside? Who could have sent it?

The child eagerly tears open the package to reveal a book. Sitting down to read it, they are immediately transported into another world. A world in which they can discover new people, new ideas and new possibilities.

As the child reads, their mind flies away from their day-to-day problems and they are inspired. They realize that the world has more to offer than what their experiences have taught them so far.

You can easily make this possible today by donating to the Booktrust Christmas Appeal. A donation of just £10 will brighten up one child's Christmas.

Each child will receive:

  • A specially selected hardcover book, appropriate for his or her age group and reading ability

  • A specially commissioned joke book

  • A letter from award-winning children’s author, Jacqueline Wilson, the creator of Tracy Beaker, a girl who lives in care

  • A postcard designed by Nick Sharratt, who writes and illustrates children’s books

Booktrust’s Christmas Appeal is part of its Letterbox Club programme for children who are looked after. The programme was started 15 years ago by Professor Rose Griffiths and is run in partnership with the University of Leicester.

Best-selling author Jacqueline Wilson says: “I’m very pleased and proud to be a patron of the Letterbox Club. It’s such a lovely idea to send a parcel to children in care. It means so much to them. I’ve written several books about a looked-after child – Tracy Beaker – and I know just how much she’d appreciate a Letterbox parcel.”

I think this is a wonderful way to show you care this Christmas. Reading a book can bring so much joy into troubled lives.

Also, receiving a package in post shows a vulnerable child that someone out there cares – that in itself can be life-changing.

Tiffany was so delighted with her package that she wrote this touching postcard:

Join me in supporting this great cause to surprise and delight a child this Christmas. Give them a lifelong gift of the joy that can be found in reading a book.


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