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Book Review - Kindness by Jaime Thurston

Kindness the little thing that matters most book

Did you know that being kind to someone can have a 'ripple effect'? This means that one act of kindness can have a positive effect on around 16 people, according to Dr David Hamilton, an expert in the science of kindness.

Containing 52 different ways to be kind, this book will inspire you to be kind throughout 2019. It was written by Jaime Thurston, who set up 52Lives, a charity that changes one life every week through the kindness of strangers.

Some ways of being kind are very easy, such as 'buy one extra item at the supermarket and donate it to your local food bank' or 'give a gift to a local school' - this can be a book, toy, or a gift card for buying school uniform.

Some ways of being kind might surprise you. One example is 'beware of busyness'.

How can busyness prevent you from being kind? When you're busy, you might not have much time to spend with your family, friends and other important people in your life, showing them that you care by listening to them and having fun with them.

Being too busy can also deplete your energy, leaving you with little or no energy to be kind to yourself and others.

The book emphasizes that it's extremely important to be kind to yourself by scheduling some time to do something you love. This will help you to feel good about yourself and you'll then be able to pass on those positive feelings to others through kindness.

Another interesting way of being kind is to 'switch off and connect'. Chatting online or by text is not an adequate substitute for a face-to-face conversation with another human being. The book quotes a study by the University of Michigan, which found that communicating online or by phone instead of in person doubles the risk of depression.

So, switch off your phone while interacting with others. Focus on what they have to say and enjoy their company and the sound of their laughter.

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